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Your Child Can Outshine

Author: Shammi Sukh 

ISBN: 9789382524328

Year: 2016

Pages: 119

Medium: English

Publisher: The Book Line

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  • Description
Every Parent has and earnest desire that his/her child must outshine in every sphere of life, like say, educaton , profession, family,  marriage and social arena and so on. Every parent feels happy when his/her child surpasses his/her expectations.
However, truth reveals that many children fail to outshine in life. No Parent Interninally creates a 'bad' environment for his/her child's development and growth  - but unintentionally, many parents do so by applying wrong and unhealthy techniques . This book is all about such time- tested healthy and positive approach, aimed at making your child a star- and not a scar! This book will serve as a guide to each parent for developing their child into a 'winning' child ;  and not a whining child! If applied the principles , your child can outshine! 
This book is equally beneficial for young , not -so- young as well as would - be parents!
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