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When Shiva Smiles

Author: Col RK Kapoor  

ISBN: 9788183283328

Medium: English

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  • Description

A Shiva devotee finds himself amidst city life which he has never experienced all for the love of a girl named Anjali. When Shiva Smiles is a book about how Om, the son of the head-priest of a hilltop Shiva Temple falls in love with a city girl, Anjali.

Summary of the Book

While Shiva and Parvathi smile, Om is making decisions which will change his life for ever. Coming from the hilltops, Om finds himself in the hustle-bustle of a city, all to win his love Anjali. During this journey of his, Om comes across multiple people and experiences and also has to face Anjali’s over possessive lover who can go to any extent to keep them apart.

Will the city life pull away from Anjali and Lord Shiva as well? Or will his faith and love remain rooted? Read When Shiva Smiles to find out more.

About R. K. Kapoor

R. K. Kapoor is an Indian author he has penned down the book When Shiva Smiles.

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