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Unleash Your Super-Potential

Author: Brig (Dr) Sunil Kumar Moudgil (Retd)  

ISBN: 9789390838264

Year: 2021

Pages: 162

Medium: English

Publisher: THE BOOK LINE

Edition: 1st Ed.

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About the Author

Brig Moudgil is a multifaceted professional with over three decades of excellence in the field of' Leadership, Training & Development during Army Service and one decade plus thereafter in the Corporate & Educational World.
He has handled many breath-taking missions while serving the Indian Army. He brings with him real-life hair-raising stories and examples of victory, teamwork, passion and handling obstacles.
Apart from three “Commendation Cards” during service, Brig Moudgil is also a recipient of several 'National and International Honours & Awards'.
He is a former, “Instructor” of an institute of national repute, “Professor Management & Dean Student Development” and “Adjunct Professor at a Management Institute, New Delhi”.
Brig Moudgil is also associated with many organizations including charitable, in a position of leadership and regularly contribute to promote quality education. He furthermore stimulates thousands of young minds by often authoring articles in publications.
During 2nd innings, Brig Moudgil has professionally groomed and impacted leaders across all ages & functions in Corporate as well as Educational World, through Motivation, Mentoring, Coaching and High End In/Out Bound Training Interventions.
While in lock-down period due to Covid-19, he has empowered thousands of people through online interactions and virtual training sessions, to make India skilful.
Deeply passionate and incredibly powerful speaker who conducts game changing workshops.
Brig (Dr) Sunil Kumar Moudgil (Retd)
B Tech (IIT-BHU), PGDMM, PGDM, MBA, PhD (Management)
International Master Trainer, Leadership Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker
Founder & CEO, Moudgil Learning & Development Solutions

About the Book

The work presented in the book “Unleash your super potential” talks about, like all other games, life is a game too. Game of life is similarly played under the frame work of certain set of rules. The game of sports, is played under “Finite Rules”, wherein the objective, competitor and set of rules do not change when the game is on. 
However, in the game of life, it is played under the umbrella of “Finite as well as Infinite Rules”. Why also infinite rules? Since in life, there is neither a fixed objective, nor a fixed competitor or a fixed rule. All of them may continuously change when the game of life is on.
With this as a background, the book proposes certain “Finite Rules” and “Infinite Rules” which one may like to follow to unleash potential and face challenges of life to become a super successful person.
Best wishes and congratulations to readers for experiencing a journey of success through the eyes of an author.
More power to you!
Jai Hind!
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