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Twists And Turns

Author: DR. Ritambhara  

ISBN: 9789382524427

Year: 2016

Medium: English

Publisher: THE BOOK LINE

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About the Authors
Dr. Ritambhara is, by profession, a trained plant biotechnologist having done her Masters and Doctorate in Biochemistry from one of the best universities of the world i.e., Banaras Hindu University. She has been a brilliant scholar throughout her career and has won many scholarships and awards including GATE during her career. Her passion for writing has resulted in authoring several Competition Guides for the students of post graduate level to various Dictionaries which are very useful for the students of all class up to graduation. She changed her career from research to helping students from school level who are very bright and require extra attention. She has been working as a professional guru to help teenagers for last 20 years. She guides best of the brains towards shaping a dream career of their own choice. She is a person totally dedicated to help under privileged in the society. She is running her own NGO. In Mirzapur District of Eastern Uttar Pradesh where in last 10 years she has helped more than 500 girls / ladies to be trained in various vocational programmes like stitching , sewing etc. so that they can have a respectable life. At the same place she arranged two teachers also to give basic education to 50 students of the age group 5-8 years who could not make it to schools as they belong to very poor families. This NGO is non –granted and wholly supported by Dr. Ritambhara and her parents.
This is her first stp towards writing novel we hope readers appreciate her work.

True love brings happiness. Romantic love, if true, should also bring “happiness.” How can one know what is true love? True love has four elements. First of all, a mindful awareness of loving kindness that is the capacity to offer happiness. If a person cannot offer happiness, that is not true love. In romantic love, if you are not able to make the other person happy that is not true love. If partners are not able to offer happiness, both will suffer. The second element of love is “compassion”. Compassion is the kin of energy that can help remove suffering. If partners cannot transform or take care of the suffering of each other, it is not true love.  So the second element of love, ‘Karuna’ should be contemplated by partners. Romantic or not romantic is not important the thing important is whether it is true love or not. The third element of true love is ‘Joy’. If in love partners cry all the time or make other partner cry that is not true love, romantic or unromatic. The fourth element of element of true love is “inclusiveness”. His suffering is her suffering and his happiness in her happiness and vice-versa. There is no individual suffering or happiness anymore. In true love, there is no separation no frontier between partners. One cant say that’s ‘your’ problem! Problems and suffering belongs to each other. If romantic love has these four elements, it can bring lot of happiness also. If romantic love is successful, and partners cultivate loving kindness and compassion, then very soon their love will be all embracing. Only they are no longer the object of each other love; their love continue to grow and embrace all things around, happiness becomes limitless. True love grows continuously and it will include more and more; not only humans; but also animals, vegetables minerals and thus are created unlimited moments of joy. The author leaves the decission on readers to decide, whether the story of Sammer & Shefali is a story of true love or not!
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