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ISBN: 9789382524724

Year: 2018

Medium: English

Publisher: THE BOOK LINE

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Family is an institution that helps its members to coexist in love, peace, happiness, and mutual harmony. Happy family is one of the greatest blessings one can have in life. Happy relationship with family members help one to create and live with some of the most beautiful and sweet memories of life. However, at times, some people tend to take their relationships for granted. And that's from where the serious problems start. Ignoring important aspects needed for developing and maintaining sweet relationship with family members, on daily basis, often results into living through fruitless physical co-existence under one roof. As a result, many people face unpleasant and bitter experience of living in isolation or even separation. 


As the popular saying goes, it takes losing something to realize its worth and importance, but the wisdom lies in becoming aware about such important aspects, well in time, which matter for maintaining happy relationships. Knowing about how problems pop-up in relationships and also learning about how to tackle them, can save people from much bitterness and mental agony.


The book guides and helps the readers about building happy family relations. Through this book, you hold in your hand the scope for developing and experiencing truly significant and vibrant family relationships!

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