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The True Living : Transcending an Ordinary Life

Author: Dr. Ramakrishna Yelamanchi  

ISBN: 9789390838066

Year: 2023

Medium: English

Publisher: The Book Line

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About the Author
Dr. RamakrishnaYelamanchi is a senior defence professional, international certified Life Coach & Soft Skills Trainer, counsellor and motivator with 23 years of rich experience across diverse roles in the organizational hierarchy of Indian Air Force.  Hung his uniform prematurely to reinvest himself to strive in unfolding life’s essence to the people entangled in the vicious cycle of their existence. He has influenced more than 30,000+ lives through his life coaching and has carved a niche in redesigning life of many individuals who restricted themselves to a mediocre life. He has been bestowed with Indian Glory Award, Sewa Ratna Award and a honorary doctorate from highly reputed institutions in India.

He has authored four books that have revolutionized outlook of life and transformed many readers. This book is an extension of his wisdom which he acquired through experiential learning coupled with practical application. He envisions a world that is filled with maturity, love, compassion and right living. He extends himself completely to corporates, educational institutions and Government Organisations across India to redefine the existing living patterns and lead them to a blissful existence. He also enlightens people through his videos on youtube by channel name ‘REDEFINE LIFE WITH DR RK’ and endeavours to make people translate their knowledge into living wisdom. His repository of knowledge descends from his spiritual Guru ‘Mahatria Ra’ who kindled numerous people into teachers, trainers, facilitators, authors so forth and so on and the list is endless. The author holds his Spiritual Guru ‘Mahatria Ra’ in his heart and mind with utmost reverence and love.
About the Book
Life is lead between birth and death with exercising choices in between these two borders. The choices we make define the quality of our lives. Every choice result in a consequence and this is a continuous process through out life. This book is envisaged to bring to surface the higher and lower order of life encompassing with the positive choices. The true living is a by product of right choices and conscious approach to every moment of life. These eleven chapters have been intended to transcend the ordinary life to an extra ordinary life. Hope this book gives the insights expected by the reader.
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