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The Storyteller

Author: Mithin Aachi  

ISBN: 9788183281058

Year: 2008

Pages: 115

Medium: English

Publisher: Wisdom Tree

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  • Description
In a remote village of South India a boy is born with a neurological disorder that leaves him retarded. Trying to find his destiny in the midst of despair, he stumbles upon the story of Mr Rao who is a celebrated hero of the village. He tries to emulate the late Mr Rao and in his endeavour succeeds in developing a rare imagination and a knack of storytelling, just like that of the great Mr. Rao. He graduates from a village bumpkin to a sensitive storyteller, astonishing everyone that he meets. The Storyteller in fact unveils for the reader, the heart of the proverbial 'fool' that ancient texts often refer to as a being who is the true repository of wisdom.
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