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Author: DR. R.D MOHAN 

ISBN: 9789390838349

Year: 2022

Pages: 142

Medium: English

Publisher: THE BOOK LINE

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Dr. R.D. Mohan has transformed lives of over 75,000 people by helping them improve their emotional intelligence quotient, building positive attitude and profound relationships. The trainees include senior bureaucrats, doctors, researchers, scientists, engineers, corporate leaders from Fortune 500 companies amongst others.
The author has a PhD in Physics and a PhD in Organizational behaviour. In addition to this, he did MS in Psychotherapy and Counselling. The author is a Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) master trainer, certified by Richard Bandler, Co-creator of NLP. Dr. R.D. Mohan is the Founder and Managing Director of Kalpvriksh Guru, an organisation engaged in training minds to excel in profession and personal life by converting stress into productivity.
He has served the mighty the Indian Air Force for 30 Years, has authored two books- 'Teachers as an Instrument of Change and Metaphysics of Life.
Dr. Mohan is a source of inspiration of thousand of people across the globe. Many fondly call him "Guruji" (The guiding light in life). He possesses a rare blend of spirituality, motivation, face reading and handwriting analysis skills. This book is an interesting insight into authors life from childhood till now. He has been able to convert every negative situation into a positive situation and commanded the love of all people by understandi
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