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The Royal Road to Happiness

Author: Shammi Sukh 

ISBN: 9789382524588

Year: 2017

Medium: English

Publisher: The Book Line

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Did you know that a strange phenomenon has been killing happiness of a majority of people, day in and day out? And, the surprising part is people are not even aware of the ' toxic' phenomenon going on in their life that leaves them feeling angry, unhappy, sad , irritate, low and even insulted etc.- for no fault of theirs. Chances are you may be one of those people, or may be your family members suffering on account of this little-known 'toxic' phenomenon, but also suggests the antidote for curing the same.
Do you want to lead a much happier life? Do you want to enjoy rewarding & lasting relationships? Do you want to reduce stress? Do you want to charge yourself with positive energy? Do you want to fetch greater achievements in life?
If answer is 'Yes', this miraculous book is for you! You might raise your eyebrows as the benefits listed above might sound very strange idea to you, but millions of people world over have been benefited by the antidote suggested in this book!
It's now your turn to experience those wonderful benefits!
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