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ISBN: 978-93- 82524-46- 5

Year: 2017

Medium: English

Publisher: THE BOOK LINE

Edition: IST

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About the Books
‘Not Just a Housewife' is
Cecilia Abraham's debut book of poetry and marks the first time that an Indian woman poet has crowdfunded for her book.  In it are words and lines born of life's bittersweet truths, humour and insights. An inspiring and heartwarming collection, these 25 poems in free verse pay homage to motherhood, love and everything that matters in life.
This book has given Cecilia a voice - helped her reconcile parts of her life that were broken, brought to the fore the joy of being a mother, renewed her hunger to love and rekindled the idealism of her youth.  Her poems will make you look at life from the eyes of a woman who does not let the walls of her home obstruct her vision for a tolerant, just and beautiful world.
About the Author
Cecilia Abraham was born in Hyderabad and completed her Masters in Communication at the University of Hyderabad. For a few years, she worked as a radio jockey, communications specialist, PR executive and educator.
As a little girl and university student, Cecilia published her poems in newspapers and magazines. Along the way, she lost her artistry but rediscovered it years later. She began to write once more against the backdrop of domesticity and motherhood. One of the few mature spoken word artists, Cecilia's poems always reflect the reality of her life and are bold, entertaining and honest.
Poetry and her two children constantly assure her that truth, beauty and love still exist. Her major poetic influences are Sant Kabir, Meena Kandasamy, Kamala Das and Christina Rosetti.
Cecilia is married to an Army Officer and currently lives in Delhi.
'Not Just a Housewife' is her first book of poems. Her other poetry projects are the 'Indian women poetry collective' and 'One State, One Poetess'.
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