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  • Marketing The Unknown: Developing Market Strategies For Technical Innovations

Marketing The Unknown: Developing Market Strategies For Technical Innovations

Author: Paul Millier  

ISBN: 9780471986218

Medium: English

Publisher: Wiley

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Marketing the Unknown Developing Market Strategies for Technical Innovations Paul Millier, Professor of Industrial Marketing at E.M. Lyon, Visiting Professor at Cranfield School of Management ". the most detailed, accurate and pragmatic approach to emergent markets that I know. It should be of interest to anyone who is in charge of transforming research investments into products with a secured market. To me, it is not just a book: it is a reference manual." Jean Robert Passemard, Executive Vice President, Product and Marketing, Renault Automation, France "Professor Paul Millier brings a pragmatic and systematic approach to launching technological innovations. His book represents a major marketing contribution with a profusion of valuable ideas." Marc Fermont, Dow Europe Vice President "Placing considerable emphasis on practical tools, this book provides an original methodology and essential guidelines to further the commercial success of innovative industrial products." Kazuya Matsumoto, President of Canon Research Centre, France "Filled with innovative concepts and dynamic examples, Paul Millier brings concrete solutions to a challenge that many companies have yet to resolve. Those who apply these concepts may never launch another 'failure'." Agathe Massat, Manager, Corporate Risk Management, Motorola, USA 70% of the costs of R&D lead to failure - between 20% and 40% of these failures is due to technical reasons, the remainder can be attributed to the shortcomings of marketing strategy. In a world of ever-increasing technological innovation the questions on any industry's minds are:
* How do you make a product successful?
* What is the process to follow?
* How do you chose or transform markets in order to have a successful launch?
In this book, Paul Millier demonstrates that products have a 'life' before their 'life cycle'. He has developed the techniques of a marketing strategy which can be applied to products which do not yet exist on the market place and for markets which themselves do not exist - in essence a marketing strategy for technical innovations. This practical book will pave the way for marketing managers, R&D managers and project managers in industrial organizations to successfully launch and market innovations in a very competitive field and will enable the reader to outline strategies for further development
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