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Lovelicious: And that's What Love is...

Author: Anmol Arora 

ISBN: 9789382524267

Year: 2015

Pages: 158

Medium: English

Publisher: The Bookline

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  • Description
About the Book
If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then you would realise how special you are to me.
I will only stop loving you when a mute guy tells a deaf guy that a blind guy saw a legless guy walks on water.
Loving someone who doesn't love you is like waiting for a ship at the airport.
I have gotten so used to pain. It's my favourite emptiness that creates the most beautiful art.
“Lovelicious: and that's what love is...” revolves around love. A teenage girl falls in love with a guy who is already taken. The hardest part of her love is seeing him happy with her. All she can do is wait; an endless wait.
Come let's experience the journey of true love. And that will take you to the journey of Lovelicious.
About the Author
With her short episode of life, Anmol Arora penned this novel keeping those people in mind who have experienced love failures but still love the 'perfect one' with all their hearts. The beloved may not be aware of the admirer's deep affection but the admirer keeps on loving selflessly. Such people inspired her and Anmol succeeded in penning the pain and pleasure of unreciprocated love and lovers. Before this, her attempts were in short stories, online stories, poetries and articles on hot topics and social issues for various newspapers and magazines.

Acknowledgement                    vii
Preface                                   ix
Prologue                                 xi
1.    Mr Cute                    1
2.    Some Cute and Unexpected Things        5
3.    First Argument and First Gift        10
4.    Some Memories Last Forever        15
5.    He Left                    22
6.    Some Old Memories; 10th Board Exams    28
7.    My Cute Feelings            34
8.    His Girlfriend                38
9.    I was His Wife                40
10.    I Expressed My Feelings            44
11.    Difference Between Loving and Liking    48
12.    Lessons he taught            51
13.    Cute vs. Scary                55
14.    My Whatsapp Statuses             58
15.    His Relationship            63
16.    This Novel                65
17.    16th July 2014                69
18.    His Reply                71
19.    20th July 2014 The Worst Day of My Life    75
20.    Trying to Move On            81
21.    In His Memories                87
22.    Mr Cute to Mr Rude            91
23.    My 16th Birthday            93
24.    The Reality                100
25.    Love can Make You do Anything        103
26.    His Birthday                106
27.    His Pain is Painful to Me        113
28.    It’s Love                118
29.    Some Funny Memories            124
30.    A Little Happiness            126
31.    A Confession to Him            133
    Epilogue                138
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