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  • JANE'S EOD & CBRNE Defence Equipment -20/21

JANE'S EOD & CBRNE Defence Equipment -20/21

Author: Gavin Goh  

ISBN: 9780710633613

Year: 2020

Medium: English

Publisher: JANES

Distributor: THE BOOK LINE

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Janes EOD & CBRNE Defence Equipment Yearbook 20/21

Assess threats and identify opportunities

This information resource provides comprehensive information on mine, EOD and CBRNE detection, clearing and protective equipment and technology—under development, in production and in use around the world. Covers explosive ordnance and CBRN agents. Market intelligence helps A&D businesses, while defense organizations glean detailed technical information to support cost-effective procurement.

Janes EOD & CBRNE Defence Equipment from Janes Group helps you:

  • Assess EOD and CBRN equipment and technologies
  • Procure, develop and maintain capability
  • Forecast market trends
  • Identify suppliers, partners and acquisitions
  • Determine future sales opportunities

What's included - Profiles on 1,600+ types of mine disposal, EOD and CBRNE equipment, technologies and services, covering:

  • Detailed specification, variant and technical details
  • Detection, disposal, clearing and personal protective equipment
  • Photographs and diagrams
  • Suppliers and manufacturers
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