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Jane's Avionics 2010-2011

Author: Edward Down  

ISBN: 9780710629142

Year: 2010

Medium: English

Publisher: IHS

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  • Description
"Jane's Avionics" contains detailed information on airborne electronic equipment for both military and civil aircraft, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest technological developments and new products. In-depth descriptions of fundamental technologies, including data link, radar, electro-optic systems and helmet-mounted displays provide an invaluable aid to making critical procurement, training and commercial decisions. Each entry is arranged by country of manufacture and contains information on function, development history, technical description, specifications, status and contractor. Colour images enhance assimilation and comparison of important display layouts, both individually and within the flight deck/cockpit environment. Comprehensive equipment and manufacturer indices enable rapid data search and browsing of related entries.
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