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  • It's Because of "You"- A Story of an Unusual Bond (A Book Dedicated to Teachers)

It's Because of "You"- A Story of an Unusual Bond (A Book Dedicated to Teachers)

Author: Bhawna Goswami 

ISBN: 9788194633945

Year: 2020

Pages: 220

Medium: English

Publisher: The Book Line

Edition: 1st

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  • Description
The book will be released in the first week of September 2020.

“It’s Because Of You” – A story of an unusual bond; as the name suggests; is a dedication to someone who helped shape the author, Bhawna Goswami, in a way that has made her eternally thankful towards that one being for the way she has shaped her life and her as a human. 
The story written is an excerpt from the life of the author where she takes us onto her journey explaining how a teacher (Ms Sabita Varun) goes beyond just being someone who teaches at the school, to someone who can impact one’s life in a way that one starts searching someone who is in need and takes it upon her own self to change at least one life in the way her teacher changed hers and spread the goodness around.
Not a mere dedication to her own teacher, but the book aims to bring a revolution by giving the students who have been finding it hard to express their gratitude and thankfulness towards their teachers, a chance to say the never spoken “Thank You” and let it out telling them how one action, one lesson, one teaching of their teacher, changed their way, their outlook towards themselves and their life.

About The Author 

‚ÄčAn artist by heart, an entrepreneur by mind, and a strong believer of unusual bonds, Bhawna Goswami is the founder of “Write & Recite”- A talent platform which is currently associated with more than 300 artists from across the country. 
By profession, the author is a Librarian who is working with an IT firm start-up since last 5 years and these five years of her life helped her face numerous challenges, work dedicatedly, change from being an introvert to an extrovert and most importantly instil new confidence and belief in her.
 She started writing in 2015 when she finally had achieved her goal after a heartbreak due to the loss of her “biggest dream” as of then. To be a writer was never a plan, but life turned, and she realized that she can be a writer when she started writing her own story.
 A believer of Universe, magic and destiny, she profoundly says that life has been great to her for all that it has offered her. “It’s Because of You” is her favourite catchphrase for she knows that she always has that special someone to guide, support, encourage and motivate her; the one who is equivalent to Lord in her life. The story you are about to read will connect you to the God she found on this earth during her journey of life.
 You can visit her on Instagram @bhawnagoswami2098 or @writenrecite_official.
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