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ISBN: 9789382524670

Year: 2018

Medium: English

Publisher: THE BOOK LINE

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About the Author
Mr Yelamanchi Ramakrishna is a Senior Defense Professional, Certified Trainer, Qualified Counsellor, Motivational Speaker and Facilitator with 23 years of experience across diverse roles in the organizational hierarchy of the Indian Air Force. While serving in the elite fleet at Directorate of Education, Air Headquarters New Delhi, he acquired rich experience in the field of Education Administration and School Management by overseeing functionality of more than 130 Air Force Schools across the country. He has a distinction of training and evaluating more than 50,000 Air Force recruits. His articles on leadership, motivation, life concepts, professional excellence etc published in reputed defence journals received overwhelming response from the clientele. He received 'Best Article Award' on many occasions for his articles published in international defence magazine 'Blue Sky'. His book on Life Skills is under publication. Writing poetry is his hobby and few of his poetic expressions have found space in the most acclaimed international magazines. With a passion to enthuse youth, he conducts motivational and personality development sessions in Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh and few districts of Telanagana State.

About the Book
Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower
–John Harrigan
Every budding life hides an innermost flowering that can disseminate distinct fragrance to humanity. The flower within blossoms when the wealth of experience connects with the higher propensities of nature. Blossomed flower represents the matured model of approach towards the vagaries of life spreading fragrance despite natural consequences. This book is one such construction permeated beyond the imaginative boundary of general perception. Readers would discover stunning marvels of moments unfolding in the process of poetic exploration.
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