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Foundations Of Health Education

Author: Dr. Deepak Raj Dangwal  , B.H.M.S.  , M.D. (H.Psy.)  , Ph.D (PSYCHOLOGY)  

ISBN: 9788189902421

Year: 2011

Pages: 370

Medium: English

Publisher: Sports Educational Technologies

Distributor: The Book Line

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About the Book:

Health eduction is one important activity that is commonly undertaken to promote health. It is the communication of information that enables people to make decisions to follow those health-related activities at all stages of life which are conducive for proper health.

Health education is the discipline dedicated to designing, implementing and evaluating health programs and materials that improve the health of individuals, families and communities. Health education is most the important tools of health promotion. A goal of health education is to provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and motivation to make healthier life-style choices.

Health education is "the process of providing or utilizing experiences for favorably influencing understanding, attitudes and practices relating to individual, family and community health. As an applied science it draws its content from a variety of sources. The paradigm which depicts the foundtions of health education can be visualized as five veritcal pillars consisting of sociocultural, educational, psycho-behavioral, legal and scientific foundations supporting the work of the health educator. While the components within each pillar  may be altered with new developments and advances over time, the  model is broad enough in scope to incorporate the changes without altering its purpose.  The Foundations of health viewed in this light can easliy display the depth of the health education profession and will serve to orient the novice and future health educators fo the underpinnings of their profession. This framework could easily be adapted for study on the college level and should serve as an orientation to those students planning to  major in health.

" Founation of health Education provides a comprehensive overview of this growing field. It is divided into nine chapters. The book will serve as a useful reference for the students, researchers and practitioner. The Book will serve as reference guide for the experts in this area of study. The book is essential reading for research in any of the health sciences disciplines.

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