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Fireground Strategies 1st Edition

Author: Anthony L.Avillo  

ISBN: 9780878148400

Medium: English

Publisher: Pennwell

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  • Description
This text is to be used as both a guide for the fireground strategist/tactician and the promotional candidate in preparing for a written exam. There are text and short answer questions as well as multiple choice scenarios, which are used by many testing authorities today. Each answer is explained in depth to help the reader understand the reason for the strategy or tactic presented. This text uses case studies extensively to drive points home. The text will allow the strategist to make decisions about such activities as line placement, ventilation considerations, and resource distribution, among other things. It will also allow the tactician to choose proper tactics in a given situation, enhancing the decision-making process on the fireground. It is the intent of this text, through diligent study and lesson reinforcement, to motivate, challenge, and strengthen the fireground strategist/tactitian and or the promotional candidate. Contents: Size-Up Heat Transfer Building Construction Modes of Operations Private Dwellings High Rise Contiguous Structures Taxpayers and Strip Malls Commercial Buildings Hazardous Materials Operational Safety.
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