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Dubey Ji Bounces Back

Author: Vivek Atray  

ISBN: 9788183283724

Year: 2014

Pages: 230

Medium: English

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  • Description
Raghav Dubey has been a meek and sullen character for most part of his life. But when Sarla Koppikar smashes him on his head and nearly kills him, Mr. Dubey decides to undergo a complete makeover! He gets rid of his moustache, sheds his awkwardness in the company of ladies and learns to play the guitar. Moreover, Dubey ji’s career takes off with his new found zest and vigour which enables him to work wonders at Bonny Bank. He is so smitten by the beautiful and gorgeous Avni Singh that even the vivacious Paulomi Bose fails to distract him. When Dubey ji’s sworn enemy is found dead, all hell breaks loose on Mr. Dubey. Will Mr. Dubey be able to bounce back to his chirpy self all over again?
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