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CORPORATE RISHI: Rediscover Yourself, Become Visionary, Attain Bliss, and Mentor Corporate Transformation


ISBN: 9798371085276

Year: 2023

Medium: English

Publisher: Independently Published

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CORPORATE RISHI, the first book of the Corporate Transformation Series, presents an Inspirational Transformation Journey of Aryan, a young, ambitious computer engineer from IIT Delhi, who grew quickly in his career. Living in a posh area in New York, he purchased a new Ferrari to realize his cherished dream. Aryan, the only child, didn’t visit home for three years and unfortunately lost his parents during the COVID pandemic. It was a big shock for him and many others like him accustomed to freely traveling anywhere in the world with very little effort. Aryan was grieving, that he lost his parents and that he didn’t spend the time with them he thought he’d have, but he didn’t give up. He was spurred by feelings of devastation and depression and decided to go to the Himalayas. He meets a Sadhu (monk) on the bank of river Alaknanda, a tributary of the river Ganga in the Himalayas. Sadhu helps him to come out of grief and facilitates him to Rediscover himself. become Visionary, and attain Bliss. Sadhu explains the essence of ancient Hindu rituals and their relevance for the corporate world and teaches meditation to find enlightenment, which motivates Aryan to begin a new journey towards a more purposeful life. During the process, Aryan mystically meets Shruti, who becomes his soulmate and companion. Corporate Rishi mentors the Corporate Transformation forethical working, building a learning environment to get immense benefits coupled with prosperity and professional accomplishment. It is the beginning of an era of INSPIRATIONAL TRANSFORMATION... WHY CORPORATE RISHI -CEOs Speak In the journey of the CEO to steer the organization, it is pertinent to have ethical, visionary, inspirational, values-driven, Corporate Rishi in the vicinity to guide the corporate leaders to drive excellence amongst stakeholders.- Atul Sobti, Director General, SCOPE A Corporate Rishi can be a good source of inspiration and guidance for a leader in making decisions that are in the long-term
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