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  • Breaking Barriers: Transforming Oil India Limited into a Learning Organization

Breaking Barriers: Transforming Oil India Limited into a Learning Organization

Author: Satchidananda Rath , Prakash Deka 

ISBN: 9789382524229

Medium: English

Publisher: The Bookline

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About the Book
Oil India Limited (OIL), the pioneer of the petroleum industry in India, undertook a strategic change initiative and adopted the 'learning organization' concept in the year 2003 in order to break the barrier of stagnating performance that had led to an inability to grow. It was a gargantuan task beyond all doubt, but through the dedication of its people and spurred on by a group of internal coaches who had dedicated themselves to the task, OIL successfully changed itself; this change acted as a catalyst which enabled the company to break the barriers to performance and start a new chapter of growth and prosperity. This book encapsulates the process of change - the challenges, the battles, the emotions - and endeavours to act as a blueprint and inspiration for future leaders of the sector.
About the Author
Satchidananda Rath and Prakash Deka were two of the internal coaches who chose to travel the unknown path and guide the initiative, as a part of the Breakthrough Performance (BP) team. Mr Rath, a geoscientist and one of the senior persons in the team, led the initiative as Chief Coordinator. He is currently on the Board of OIL as the Director of Operations. Mr Deka, one of the younger members of the BP Team, currently works in the Vigilance Department as Chief Manager.
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