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Air Hostess in the Clouds

Author: Vandana Dahiya 

ISBN: 9789382524021

Year: 2013

Pages: 240

Medium: English

Publisher: The Bookline

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  • Description
About the Book: Vrinda has spent 4000 hours in the sky in her short and memorable flying career. As she crosses that invisible line between the world that she had known before she landed the flight attendant's job, variables of life change and she is shoved into a new world with new people and unspeakably exciting new experiences. At all times she has one thing on her side: her innocence. She keeps it in tact throughout her journey and observes the world through a more innocent pair of doe-eyes than conventional.When she begins her journey she meets the bullies and gets bullied. Then she crosses another invisible line into acceptance and rules the skies as a spectator and a do-gooder. She absorbs how people slip through gaps in rules. She witnessed some craving for friendship, some

plotting revenge and some forgiving the transgressions made upon them. She overcomes different hurdles. Sometimes, the hurdles overcome her. She soldiers on for three years and makes the best of what the aviation industry has to offer to a young flight attendant: Stylish living, a BIG paycheck and exposure to lots and lots of people.

It's the journey of a young flight attendant from the entry gates to the exit gates; with a lot of comedy, horror, tragedy and spicy gossip, in the clouds.

  • Acknowledgement
  • Preface
  • Foot in the Door
  • Buckling up for the Roller Coaster
  • Observation ManiaUnbelievable Start
  • I Hate My Alarm
  • The Pullout
  • Pink City
  • Egoistic Beauty
  • Sweaty Night
  • Diverse People
  • Love or Work
  • Breakups Only Give Tears
  • Sweet and Sour
  • Goosebumps
  • I Wish She had not Operated That Day
  • It's so ColdThe Cockpit
  • Do not Drink and Drive
  • Love for Expats
  • What People Think of Us?
  • The Dark Night
  • The Rainy Evening
  • The Rajni Fever
  • New City Again
  • The Backstabbing
  • The Last Night
  • 18th September
  • Talk of the Town
  • Last Few Steps.
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