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Author: Aryan Naithani  

ISBN: 9789382524793

Year: 2019

Medium: English

Publisher: THE BOOK LINE

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The murder of Vamos Griffithskin, the once president of a welfare organization, is tailed by the assassinations of its former members. A woman in brown silk is found at the crime scenes, which brings reference to Esther Griffithskin. She, alongside being Vamos' spouse, was renowned for her portrait in The Brown Gown. Provided her strained relation with her husband, she was sure to be suspected – but this aspect is hindered by the actuality that Esther has been graved for the last twenty years.

Issac Powers, having completed his diploma in investigation, makes sport of this case. Soon, however, he realises that his father was the vice-president of the organisation, and is thus threatened. He parleys with the investigation in-charge, doing all good and evil to avert any possible danger to his father; but as he begins to suspect the investigation in-charge himself, the actual struggle begins.
Does he have what it takes to do the needful?
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